Redmi Note 11

Client Xiaomi

April 6th of 2010 marks the birth of Xiaomi as a company, so this date has become an important anniversary for the brand. During this period every year, Xiaomi launches a very special event to thank fans all over the world for their support called the Xiaomi Fan Festival.

To celebrate 2022’s Xiaomi Fan Festival, we created a rather delicious and sweet artwork. Taking inspiration from the brand’s color palette, our idea was to create a beautiful optical illusion to wish Xiaomi a very happy birthday and share our excitement with fans of the brand all over the world. A seemingly simple, but intricate photograph that
made everyone’s mouth water. Sounds difficult, but it’s not.

Piece of cake, actually!

annandaniel Anna Devís Daniel Rueda anniset drcuerda Xiaomi fan festival cake birthday perspective optical illusion candle velas tarta ilusión óptica perspectiva