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Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are two imaginative Spanish photographers, both born in 1990. They met at the Universitat Politècnica de València, where they both graduated from the School of Architecture. Today, this creative duo puts to use their architectural backgrounds to tell stories through fun and surprising images that are far from conventional architecture photography. Their particular style is characterized by their visual sense of humor, creativity, precision and a delicate aesthetic inspired by the city, geometry, and minimalism.
By combining their spatial awareness and their artistic vision, primarily based on simple shapes and bold patterns, they have succeeded in establishing magnetic and joyful narratives that smartly suggest both the nature of human relations and the fascination with the urban environment.
Although it may seem surprising or hard to believe, Anna and Daniel create these surreal scenes without the use of photo editing software. Instead, they carefully set the scene in real life using all sorts of everyday objects, unexpected locations and tons of natural light.

Selected clients

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Selected press

Curio-cities. El País.
Playing with Architecture. Hasselblad.
A delicate aesthetic. LG Signature.
Juegos Arquitectónicos. El Mundo.
Photostories. Asianpaints.
Trampantojos Urbanos. El Viajero.
Optische Effekte. Welt.
Playful Architecture. My Modern Met.
The Playful Photography Duo. Fubiz.
The Minimal and Colorful Imaginaries. Minus 37.
All Work and More Play. Verve Magazine.
In Conversation with Annandaniel. Minimalism.life.

Selected publications

2019. The Curated Lens. Hong Kong.
2019. Experimenta. Nº81. Spain.
2018. Insta-Perfect. Hong Kong.
2018. Photography Is Art. Nº9. Hong Kong.
2018. Surface. Nº145. USA.
2018. Feel Desain. Nº2. Italy.
2018. Seasons. Nº44. Russia.
2018. Archikultura. Nº2. Uzbekistan.
2018. Lletraferit. Nº14. Spain.
2018. Intercity. January issue. Ukraine.
2017. N by Norwegian. Nº55. Norway.
2017. New York Times Style. Nº8. Spain.

Selected lectures

2020. Cologne, DE. Photokina. —Upcoming—
2020. Barcelona, SP. The CreFest. —Upcoming—
2019. Valencia, SP. Gràffica Talks.
2019. Barcelona, SP. Found! CaixaForum.
2019. Mijas, SP. Photofestival.
2019. Istanbul, TR. Brandweek Facebook Panel.
2019. Doha, QA. Qatar Foundation Talks.
2019. Basque Country, SP. Euskalphoto.
2019. Milan, IT. Huawei Konsortium.
2019. Barcelona, ES. Bodaf Europe Convention.
2018. Sevilla, ES. Congreso Foro de Fotógrafos.
2018. Constanta, RO. ZOISS Home Design.
2018. Vienna, AT. Work Better by Better Agency.
2018. Madrid, ES. MINI Hub Talks.
2018. Valencia, ES. VI Mostra PAM.
2018. Barcelona, ES. Roca One Day Design Challenge.
2017. Madrid, ES. Arquitectura Con Eñe Congress.


2019. Miami, US. Scope Art Show.
2019. Tel Aviv, IL. Photo Is:rael.
2019. Maubourguet, FR. Quinzaine de l’Image.
2018. Alicante, SP. Fun-damental. Fotomatón Festival.
2018. Cannes, FR. Story Boards. Lions Festival of Creativity.
2018. Santander, SP. XIV BEAU.
2018. New Delhi, IN. Moments in Architecture FCDI.
2017. Tokyo, JP. Tiny People. Artless Appointment Gallery.
2017. Athens, GR. The Body and the City. Art4more.


2019. Hasselblad X You.
2019. IPA Oneshot Street Photo Contest.
2018. ICONIC Digital Biennale.
2018. Click al Mercat.